The first batch of graduates of the Professional Diploma in Plant Clinic and Phytosanitary Technologies at the Suez Canal University got their diplomas at an official Graduation Ceremony on the 7th of September. At the beginning of the ceremony Dr. Waleed Shaban, Professor of Plant Diseases and Coordinator of the project at SCU gave a detailed presentation of the program as the most important outcome of the PRO-DPCP project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, with the participation of three European Universities from Bulgaria, Italy and Hungary, and 6 Egyptian universities. He outlined that the program Plant Clinic and Phytosanitary Technologies was a result of more than 3 three years of work and was the first of its kind in the agricultural sector in Egypt.

The President of Suez Canal University Dr. Nassir Mandour congratulated the graduates of the first batch of the Diploma in Plant Clinic and Phytosanitary Technologies – one of the most important fruits of the PRO-DPCP Project, which includes the establishment of the Plant Clinic laboratory, and activation of a program that grants a Plant Clinic Diploma. The purpose of the program is to identify plant pest problems and diagnose them and to contribute to the training of the students in addition to serving the agricultural community.  

Besides the President of the SCU, the ceremony was witnessed by the Vice President for Higher studies and research Dr. Mohamed Saad Zaghioul, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Muhammad Yes, the former president of South Valley University Dr. Youssef Gherbawy, and the President of Al-Kanah University.

The honour ceremony for the first batch included seven students, four of whom received excellent grades, and three with very good grades namely Maryam Mahmoud Mohamed, Ayman Magdy, Abdullah Saber, Hadmi Abdulhadi, Ahmed Hassan Youssef, Nabil Nasser.