New Professional Diploma in Plant Clinic and Phytosanitary Technologies / PRO-DPCP

Project Reference number: 609550-EPP-1-2019-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Programme Erasmus +
Key Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Capacity Building in higher education
Action type Joint project
Project title New Professional Diploma in Plant Clinic and Phytosanitary Technologies
Project acronym PRO-DPCP
Project start date 15/11/2019
Project end date 14/11/2023
Project duration 48 months

About the project

The agricultural sector, especially plant protection, is modernising and expanding because of global investment in sustainable agriculture, food security and environmental protection. Crop protection science deals with plant disease, pests, and pesticides misuse that cause significant economic losses in crop production in Egypt and the world.

A qualified expert in plant protection is responsible to apply phytosanitary control measures and serve as “plant doctor”, operate the plant clinic, and provide services to crop producers, and farmers.

The problem of “qualifications mismatch” is a phenomenon of HE graduates integrating to deal professionally in the labour market of crop protection job area in Egypt. The current educational programs are scarcely focused on practices, and real market needs of skills. The need to modernise crop protection education in Egypt is urgent.

Egyptian partners of 6 universities in the North, East, Middle and South of Egypt cooperate in this project, the outcomes of which will directly benefit them with curriculum development, upgrading staff and students’ practical skills, and strengthening relations between HEIs and rural society.

The project objectives fit in with the modernization, internationalisation, and development strategy of HE in Egypt.  We believe that the project will enhance cooperation between partner institutions in Egypt and Europe for building the capacity of staff and students through technology transfer, joint teaching, training, and exchange among partner institutions.

Logical Framework Matrix 

Budget breakdown by partners